19. May 2022 | News

Introducing our large shaker with climate chamber

For shock and vibration tests with climatic overlay with higher displacement, higher acceleration and speed

With the modular sliding table system we have the possibility to operate the shaker with 2 different sliding table sizes. Depending on whether a large clamping surface or a low moving mass is required, the system can be adjusted.

We can operate the shaker with 2 different sliding table sizes, depending on whether a large clamping surface or a low moving mass is required. A [...]



6. May 2022 | News

Capacity expansion - now shorter process times for fire tests thanks to our new cone calorimeter

We have put another cone calorimeter into operation and can now achieve shorter process times for our customers. On the other hand, lengthy and complex special tests can now take place independently of regular and often time-critical measurements.
Cone calorimeter? The device is the most important laboratory measuring instrument for fire tests. With the cone calorimeter we determine the heat release using the oxygen consumption method on combustible materials. Important fire properties of [...]


our new Cone- calorimeter

21. April 2022 | News

Capacity expansion: a new salt mist house

We can now carry out salt spray tests and corrosion tests even faster. The test samples can be up to 220 x 230 x 190 cm (WxDxH) in size and weigh up to a ton. During the test it is possible to put the products into operation. For this purpose, the test chamber has several feedthroughs, for example for power supply, cooling lines or cabling.


First in the test was the telemax EVO HYBRID remote-controlled robot from Telerob Gesellschaft für Fernhantierungstechnik mbH. These [...]


Unser Neues Salznebelhaus(1)

13. April 2022 | News

Sun simulation test on the chocolate Easter basket?

Found - our Easter nest was actually in this climate cabinet. Here we carry out sun simulation tests with metal halide lamps, for example to simulate the aging behavior of complex components, plastics, paints and coatings under climatic conditions.

The place where it was found fits quite well when you consider the weather conditions an Easter nest has to endure in its hiding place.

We wish you colorful and happy Easter holidays, lots of fun looking for your Easter nest and a [...]


Happy Easter