Materials laboratory
We provide you with comprehensive support in documentation of material property testing.

We analyse the properties of your materials and products using destructive and non-destructive testing. We apply various procedures such as visual inspection, radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, penetration testing, transverse tension testing, bend testing, notched-bar impact bending testing, fracture testing, hardness testing, macrosection analysis, and microsection analysis.

Our materials laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 1702:2018.

We perform tests for all sectors during development and production, supporting our clients in manufacture, the energy industry, railway technology, the automobile industry, the aerospace industry, and the shipping industry. When there are technological advances or innovations in materials combinations and when conventional testing reaches its limits, we develop testing procedures tailored to your requirements and provide comprehensive consulting. Our extensive collection of testing equipment and our expertise in developing testing methods in our environmental and fire test laboratories allow us to provide you with individualized support that goes beyond the requirements of the relevant standards.

For hardness testing (stationary)

DIN EN ISO 6506-1, DIN EN ISO 6507-1, DIN EN ISO 6508-1, DIN EN 10328, DIN EN ISO 2639, DIN 50190-3Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell, hardness profile, conventional depth of hardening, depth of carburized and hardened cases, depth of hardening after nitriding

For hardness testing (mobile)

DIN 50157-1, DIN 50159-1, DIN ISO 7619-1UCI method, Shore A, Shore D, Leeb

For notched-bar impact bending test

DIN EN ISO 148-120°C to -40°C, Charpy, V notch

For welding procedure test

DIN EN ISO 15613, DIN EN 15614-1, DIN EN 15614-2, DIN EN ISO 5817, DIN EN ISO 10042pre-production welding test, procedure test, welding work sample
DIN EN ISO 9016Notched-bar impact bending test
DIN EN ISO 4136Transverse tensile test
DIN EN ISO 5173Bend testing
DIN EN ISO 9015-1 & -2Hardness testing, hardness profile
DIN EN ISO 9017Fracture test
DIN EN ISO 17639Macroscopic and microscopic examination, macrosection, microsection
DIN EN ISO 17635, HP 5/3not-destructive test, Pressure Equipment Directive

For cable pull testing

DIN VDE 0220 T100, DIN EN 60352-2Pull testing

For tensile test

DIN EN ISO 6892-1 Procedures A & BTensile strength, yield strength, elongation at break, reduction of area at break

For specimen manufacture

DIN 50125Tensile test pieces

For bend testing


For chemical analysis

In-house procedure (P-504-01-40)Spectrometry, iron base, aluminium base, copper base, base material

For chemical analysis of coatings

In-house procedure (P-504-62-40)energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDX analysis)

For carbon and sulphur determination in founding

In-house procedure (P-504-57-40)Infrared adsorption (IR analysis)


In-house procedure (P-504-61-40)Scanning electron microscopy, microfractography, fracture surface analysis, hydrogen embrittlement

For spring testing

Spring characteristic curve

For visual inspection (VT)

DIN EN 13018Endoscopy, videoscopy, direct visual testing, remote visual testing
DIN EN 1370Founding – Examination of surface condition
DIN EN ISO 17637Weld seam, fusion welded joint, welded joint

For ultrasonic testing (UT)

DIN EN ISO 16810General principles
DIN EN ISO 17640, DIN EN ISO 11666Weld seam, fusion welded joint, welded joint
DIN EN 10228-3Forgings
DIN EN ISO 12680-1 & -2Steel casting
DIN EN 12680-3Founding
DIN EN 10160Steel flat product
DIN EN 14127Thickness measurement, wall thickness measurement, residual wall thickness
In-house procedure (P-504-42-40)Bolt pre-tensioning force, BoltMike, ultrasonic run-time measurement

For radiographic testing (RT)

DIN EN ISO 5579X-rays
DIN EN ISO 17636-1, DIN EN ISO 10675-1 & -2Weld seam, fusion welded joint, welded joint
DIN EN 12681, ASTM-E 446, ASTM-E 155, ASTM-E 192Founding, castings

For magnetic particle testing (MT)

DIN EN ISO 9934-1Crack testing, surface crack testing
DIN EN ISO 17638, DIN EN ISO 23278Weld seam, fusion welded joint, welded joint
DIN EN 1369Founding, castings
DIN EN 10228-1Forgings

For penetration testing (PT)

DIN EN ISO 3452-1Dye penetration testing, red-white testing
DIN EN ISO 3452-1, DIN EN ISO 23277Weld seam, fusion welded joint, welded joint
DIN EN ISO 1371-1 & -2Founding, castings
DIN EN 10228-2Forgings

For metallographic analysis, metallography

DIN EN ISO 643Grain size, grain size determination
DIN 50602, DIN EN 10247, ISO 4967non-metallic inclusion, inclusion, inclusion examination
DIN EN ISO 945-1Graphite classification, graphite size, graphite shape, graphite structure
DIN EN ISO 3887Decarburization depth, marginal decarburization, carburization
DIN EN ISO 1463Coating determination, coating thickness, coating thickness measurement
In-house procedure (P-504-60-40)Phase fraction, phase analysis

For bolts, fasteners, and nuts

DIN EN ISO 898-1 & -2Breaking force, decarburization depth, hardness, tensile test, thread stripping resistance, hold test, thread design

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