Chemical resistance testing

What is chemical resistance testing?

Chemical resistance generally refers to material resistance to the effects of chemicals. We distinguish tests for chemical resistance according to three categories:

  1. chemically resistant, i.e. the material retains its mechanical and physical properties unchanged despite long contact with the chemical substance to be tested
  2. conditionally chemically resistant, i.e. the material retains its characteristic properties for a limited period of time for the intended use
  3. chemically unstable, i.e. the material loses its characteristic properties within a very short time.

By testing for chemical resistance, we can, for example, test the resistance of a steering wheel to sweat or the effect of a de-icer on aircraft components.


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Range of services of our chemical testing laboratory

In our chemistry laboratory we work with a wide range of different chemicals. This allows us to test your products under laboratory conditions for contact with a wide range of chemicals and substances. These include commercially available foods such as cola or alcoholic beverages as well as aggressive substances such as acids, cleaning agents and fuels. We use a variety of application methods to simulate chemical reactions, including spraying, brushing, wiping, dousing, and short and long immersion.

In our climate testing laboratory, we can also combine several tests in the climate chamber to enhance the effect of chemicals through certain climatic influences.



What are the advantages of chemical resistance testing?

By testing for chemical resistance, you can see how your product reacts to certain chemicals already in the development phase. This helps to avoid unsightly discolouration or defects in your product, for example. This lowers your costs and protects you from image-damaging product liability. Furthermore, our test report gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors and strengthens your brand.

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