Individual tests

What is meant by individual tests?

Not all applications can be simulated by standardised test procedures. In order to be able to simulate the application in detail, individual tests are necessary.

Range of services of our test laboratory

In order to simulate the use of your product, we would be pleased to develop your own test procedure with you. You can rely on the competence and experience of our engineers. We use modern CAD and FEM software for the design of test benches and for production in our laboratory workshop. We are also happy to take over the programming of test sequences for you. We have pre-equipped test systems to expose your product flexibly and quickly to various forces or dynamic stresses. For example, we test the service life of vehicle seats by subjecting them to various loads and repeated stresses in fast motion. We also simulate the service life of moving parts, for example by repeatedly opening and closing a centre armrest or by the friction of the forearm on door panels. For testing and recording, we used qualified measurement and control technology as well as sensors.


What are the advantages of individual testing?

An individual test procedure allows you to "really get to the heart of your product". Through individual testing, we can identify possible weak points in your product at an early stage, eliminate them in the development phase and thus reduce costs. Develop an individual test procedure with us - grant longer warranty periods for your product and gain an advantage over your competitors!

Are you in need of individual tests?

We would gladly support you. Contact us for testing.

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