Mechanical-dynamic tests

What do we mean by mechanical-dynamic tests?

With our mechanical-dynamic tests, we examine the loads on components or complete systems caused by vibrations and mechanical shocks - up to the point of fatigue or even breakage. In this way, we can simulate the use of components or assemblies in high-vibration locations, ranging from the engine compartment of motor vehicles to severe earthquakes. With shock tests, we can simulate strong impulses, such as those caused when a wagon is coupled to a locomotive.

We perform mechanical-dynamic tests in three categories: sinusoidal vibrations, broadband noise and shocks. In addition, we implement tests in the field of resonance search. The aim of this test is to determine the natural resonance and to stress it in accordance with the application. To do this, we generate a sinusoidal oscillation in the area of the natural resonance and hold it for a fixed duration. This allows us to detect fatigue and fractures in the test specimen and to draw conclusions about the service life of your product.


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Range of services of our vibration laboratory

On our electrodynamic vibration test systems with a force vector of up to 74 kN and our modern measuring and control systems, test samples weighing up to one tonne can be excited in the range of 5 Hz to 2600 Hz and subjected to shocks of up to 150 g. As our test facilities are equipped with sliding tables, we can test your test samples in the installation position on all spatial axes (X, Y and Z). Furthermore, we have a mobile climatic chamber that enables climate-superimposed vibration and shock testing. We have qualified measurement technology with which we can, for example, monitor electrical contacts during vibration testing and carry out comfort measurements on vehicle seats.

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Our experienced engineers will be happy to develop your own test frame using CAD software and check it in an FEM simulation. We manufacture your test frames in our own laboratory workshop using modern CNC technology and welding processes.



Test lexicon

In the following table you will find some abbreviations for standardised test methods.

AbbrevationApplication areaMeaning
Cat. 1
Class A
RailwayOperating equipment and components for use on the railway which are mounted directly on or under the vehicle body.
Cat. 1
Class B
RailwayAll parts within an enclosure, which is mounted on or under the vehicle body of a railway vehicle
Cat. 2RailwayAssemblies, operating equipment and components mounted on the bogie of a railway vehicle
Cat. 3RailwayAssemblies, operating equipment and components mounted on the wheelset of a railway vehicle
Profile AAutomotiveVibration profile for the use of components on the engine of a motor vehicle
Profile BAutomotiveVibration profile for the use of components on the gearbox of a motor vehicle
Profile CAutomotiveVibration profile for the decoupled use of components on the intake manifold of vehicles
Profile DAutomotiveVibration profile for components installed on sprung masses (e.g. car body)
Profile EAutomotiveVibration profile for components installed on unsprung masses (e.g. wheel, suspension)
EaGeneralShock test
EcGeneralRough handling shocks (primarily for equipment-type specimens)
EeGeneralTesting of loose packages including bouncing
FcGeneralVibration (sinusoidal)
FeGeneralVibration, sine beat method
FfGeneralVibration, time history and sine beat method
FgGeneralVibration, accoustically induced method
FhGeneralVibration, broadband random
GaGeneralAcceleration, steady state

What are the advantages of vibration tests?

Mechanical-dynamic tests provide you with knowledge about the operational stability of your products. You reduce field failures and increase the reliability of your production. By identifying and eliminating weak points at an early stage, you also reduce your development costs. Use our vibration tests, strengthen your customer loyalty and open up new industries!

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