Metallographic examination

What is meant by metallographic examinations?

Metallographic examinations provide information on the macroscopic and microscopic structure of samples, on layer thicknesses, graphite formation, porosities and conspicuous features such as corrosion or cracks.

  1. Macroscopic methods: These methods provide information about the distribution of certain structural components. It is based on the effect of chemical reactions on the surface of the macrosection.
  2. Microscopic procedures: Light microscopes are used for microscopic procedures. The use of light microscopes requires a polished surface because of the shallow depth of focus. The microsections are ground and polished in several operations. In the polished state, inclusions, corrosion and coatings, for example, can be examined on the sample; after chemical etching, grain boundaries and microstructure, for example, can be checked.



Mikroskop mit Gefügebild auf Monitor

Range of services of our materials testing laboratory

Our materials laboratory has the testing devices and equipment to carry out various tests in the field of macroscopic and microscopic examination. The following table shows an overview.

ProcedureScope of application
Stereomicroscopemacroscopic examination
Reflected light microscopemicroscopic examination

Test lexicon

In the following table, you will find some abbreviations for named designations.

EtchingVisualisation of the various structural components by means of an etchant
Macro-etchingEtching before macro examination to show gross features such as segregation and preforms
Micro-etchingEtching to show the microstructures in the metal, usually by means of a strongly diluted acid.
Structural componentsComponents of the individual structures present (microstructure), such as pearlite, martensite, bainite, austenite, residual austenite, carbides and other phases.
intermetallic compoundCompound of two or more metals with different physical properties and crystal structure

What are the advantages of metallographic examination?

The metallographic examination provides both qualitative and quantitative information about the structure of your sample. Use our tests and let us examine and evaluate sample anomalies such as corrosion, the layer structure as well as geometric features of your sample, including radius designs!

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