Environmental laboratory
We subject your product to all types of environmental testing.

We test your engineering samples, prototypes, and series products according to national and international standards and regulations. Our testing laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and subjects your specimens to climatic, dynamic mechanical, corrosive, electrical, and combined tests and extended time tests.

We perform environmental tests on materials, components, assemblies, prototypes, and series devices for all industries, supporting our clients in all sectors, such as the energy industry, railway technology, the automobile industry, the aerospace industry, the shipping industry, and the medical industry.

We simulate extreme climatic conditions by means of temperature, moisture, heat, temperature variation, and solar radiation loads. We perform corrosion tests with salt mist and corrosive gas tests and dynamic mechanical tests by means of vibration and impact tests.

When conventional testing reaches its limits, we develop testing procedures tailored to your requirements and provide comprehensive consulting.

For temperature testing

DIN EN 60068-2-1Cold (Test Ab, Ad, Ae)
DIN EN 60068-2-2Dry heat (Test Bb, Bd, Be)
DIN EN 60068-2-14Change of temperature (Test Na, Nb)
DIN EN 50155Temperature tests according to railway standard
MIL-STD-810GTemperature tests according to MIL-STD
RTCA DO160GTemperature tests according to RTCA

For climate tests

DIN EN 60068-2-30Damp heat, cyclic (Test Db40, Db55)
DIN EN 60068-2-38Composite temperature/humidity cyclic test (Test Z/AD)
DIN EN 60068-2-78Damp heat, steady state (Test Cab)
DIN EN 50155Climate test according to railway standard
MIL-STD-810GClimate test according to MIL-STD
RTCA DO160GClimate test according to RTCA

For dynamic mechanical testing


DIN EN 60068-2-6Vibration (sinusoidal, Test Fc)
DIN EN 60068-2-27Shock (Test Ea)
DIN EN 60068-2-64Vibration, broadband random (Test Fh)
DIN EN 61373Shock and vibration tests
MIL-STD-810GShock and vibration tests
RTCA DO160GShock and vibration tests
VW 80000Vibration testing for electrical and electronic components in motor vehicles
JDQ201Testing of Electronic and Electrical Devices – Environmental and Mechanical Loads
Vibration testing with climate overlay


For simulated solar radiation

DIN EN 60068-2-5Simulated solar radiation at ground level (test Sa)
DIN 75220Ageing of automotive components with simulated solar radiation (Test D-IN1, D-IN2, Z-OUT, Z-IN1, Z-IN2)
MIL-STD-810GSimulated solar radiation according to MIL-STD


For corrosion tests

DIN EN 60068-2-11, DIN EN ISO 9227Salt mist test (sodium chloride solution, Test Ka)
DIN EN 60068-2-52Salt mist test, cyclic (sodium chloride solution, Test Kb)
DIN EN ISO 6270-2Condensation water test (Test CH, AHT, AT)
DIN 50017Condensation water test (Test KK, KFW, KTW)
DIN EN ISO 11997-1Cyclic corrosion test
VDA 621-415Cyclic corrosion test
PV 1210Corrosion resistance according to the VW standard
DIN EN 61701Corrosion testing of photovoltaic (PV) modules
MIL-STD-810GCorrosion test according to MIL-STD
RTCA DO160GCorrosion test according to RTCA
DIN EN 61439-1, DIN EN 61439-5Resistance to corrosion
DIN EN 60068-2-42Corrosive Gas test/Sulphur dioxide test (SO2, test Kc)
DIN EN 60068-2-43Corrosive Gas test/Hydrogen sulphide test (H2S, test Kd)
DIN EN 60068-2-60Flowing mixed gas corrosion test (4-gas test)
DIN EN ISO 6988Condensation water test with sulphur dioxide (Kesternich testing)
DIN 50018Testing in a saturated atmosphere in the presence of sulphur dioxide
Nissan CCT I
Nissan CCT IV

For protection class testing

DIN EN 60529Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)

For IK code tests

DIN EN 50102Degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts (IK code)

For dust tests

RTCA DO160GDust test according to RTCA
MIL-STD-810GDust test according to MIL-STD
DIN EN 60529Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)
DIN EN 60068-2-68Dust test

For water tests

DIN EN 60529Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)
DIN EN 60068-2-18Water test

Sorry, nothing found.

Environmental testing and special experiments according to customer requirements

Our extensive collection of testing equipment and our expertise in developing testing methods allow us to provide you with individualized support that goes beyond the requirements of the relevant standards. We develop the necessary hardware and software applications for monitoring and assessing tests and construct them ourselves.

Examples of tailored testing

  • Corrosion testing of vehicle systems and components
  • Pressure threshold testing for sensors and pipe systems
  • Environmental testing for control cabinets, switchboards, transformers, and throttles
  • Vehicle batteries, electrical drives under current
  • Desert climate test for parking meters and ATMs
  • Monitoring of relevant physical measured values (such as temperature monitoring, current consumption, voltage drop)
  • Climatic loads with power supplies of up to 3 kVDC/80 kW
  • Isolation measurements
  • Dielectric strength testing
  • Thermography
  • Endurance testing
  • Complex component testing (special testing)
  • Compression and tensile testing

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