Impact resistance

What is meant by the IK degree of impact resistance?

The IK impact resistance grade or IK code (K derived from the French casser "to break") designates a measure of the resistance to impact and shock stress of components and enclosures. The resistance is tested using standardised hammers and the associated impact energy. These tests can be used to simulate external mechanical impacts on your product, such as balls hitting the lighting in a sports hall.

What do the code numbers mean?

The code numbers describe the degree of protection against external mechanical effects on components. The higher the index number, the more energy a component can absorb without any functional or safety restrictions.

Breakdown of the IC code

Protection level example: IK 10

IKCode letters
(International mechanical protection)
10Digit group
(Digits 01 to 10)

Definition of the ratios

Energy in joules0,150,20,350,50,7125102050

What are the advantages of IK impact resistance tests?

Through this test, you can identify any weak points in your products against vandalism or other external mechanical effects at an early stage and have them eliminated. This strengthens confidence in your brand and gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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