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23. June 2022 | News

RST is recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for fire test procedures according to FTP Code 2010 according to Fire test procedures code (FTP code)

The International Maritime Organization IMO has fire safety regulations for international merchant ships, called Fire Test Procedures (FTP Code).

This FTP Code contains requirements for laboratory testing, type approval and fire testing procedures of components and materials used on ships. The FTP Code uses fire tests developed by the International Standards Organization ISO covering non-combustibility, fire resistance, flammability, flame spread, smoke and toxicity of components and materials, as well as of specific products such as textiles, upholstered furniture and bedding.

The following table shows for which parts of the FTP Code 2010 the RST is recognized:


FTP Code Fire Test Procedure

FTP CodeTest ProcedureEquivalent test procedureRST is recognized
Part 1Non-combustibility testISO 1182Yes
Part 2Smoke and toxicity test

ISO 5659-2

ISO 19702

Part 3Test for “A”,”B” and “F” class divisonsISO 834-1No
Part 4Test for fire door control systemNo
Part 5Test for surface flammability (test for surface materials and primary deck coverings)ISO 5658-2Yes
Part 6has been incorporated into part 5
Part 7Test for vertically supported textiles and films

ISO 6940/41

EN 1101/02

Part 8Test for upholstered furniture

BS 5852-1

ISO 8191-1/-1

EN 1021-1/-2

Part 9Test for beeding componentsEN 597-1/-2Yes
Part 10Test for fire-restricting materials for High-speed-craft

Anhang 1: ISO 9705

Anhang  2: ISO 5660



Part 11Test for fire-resisting division of high-speed craftNo